Turtle Pool With Cover

The Starplay Turtle toddler swimming pool/sandpit holds up to 60.5 liters/16 gallons making Turtle Kiddie Pool the perfect size for younger children, dogs, and other pets. Once filled, the water sits at 25 cm/10 which allows the kids or animals plenty of water to play in, but provides a contained, smaller space that suits their smaller size much better. This splashing toy is versatile and can be used all year round and everywhere! Your kids can take a dip wherever you are. Put it out in the backyard, take it to the beach or lake, or bring it along to a birthday party. Use it as a pet pool, a sandbox, or a ball pit when off-season. This kiddie pool is top quality and super durable. It's light and easy to store and take wherever.

  • DIMENSIONS: 94 x 67 x H28 cm | 37 x 26.3 x H11 in
  • VOLUME: 60.5 liters | 16 gallons
  • SKU: 07-518
  • SMALL SIZE WITH PERFECT DEPTH FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AND PETS: that holds up to 16 gallons makes Turtle Kiddie Pool the perfect size for younger children, dogs, and other pets.
  • VERSATILE POOL WITH A TON OF USES: Use the Starplay Turtle Kiddie Pool as a ball pit, dog pool, duck pool, or good ol' swimming pool! With this one, your little ones will be able to take a dip wherever you are. Use it as a sandbox, or a ball pit during the offseason.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Looking for a kiddie pool that's high quality, has an attractive design, and won't break the bank? Search no further. The Starplay Turtle Pool has everything you want in a Kiddie Pool, from style, to function, to quality
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Our Pool/Sandbox is delivered in one piece and ready for play upon arrival. No tools or assembly required! Clean-up is also quick and easy with a damp cloth.
  • DURABLE: Starplay toys are made from durable material that won’t tear, leak, or deform.
  • SAFETY FIRST: All of our toys undergo rigorous regulatory compliance testing. Starplay's toys are safe for use! With over 50 years of crafting plastic toys for children all over the world, you can rest assured your little one will enjoy and be safe with Starplay toys.



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