Since we all spend an ample amount of time in our bedrooms, Starplast is determined to make the best of it, especially when it comes to organization. We know it is important for you to find your quiet space when you have less clutter and mess. Never wanting to show our piles of clean or dirty clothing, our products optimize your bedroom so that you feel comfortable every day in it. 


Keeping shoes organized and together can be a hassle. We at Starplast have the best solution: semi-transparent storage cases with side drop-down openings! Yes, these are a fantastic way to store shoes for men, women, and children in a bedroom closet or put them on display. Able to hold a pair of regular shoes in each, they are the solution for saving time looking for “the other shoe.”

These translucent plastic bins with snap-on lids can be stacked tall, yet you can see what is inside them. A front side handle can be easily opened to access the shoes without having to take the box down or open its lid. Their bins and lids can also be stacked when not in use. 


Look no further when you need a storage unit that can be rolled or stationary. These 3-drawer units are ideal for organizing clothing, socks, and underwear to office supplies, makeup, toys, or books. They work great in a bedroom, office, classroom, or storage room. Their diamond design stands out yet compliments any décor. Made of lightweight plastic, this storage cart has 3 deep drawers that are long and wide. With pull-out handles on the bottom of each drawer, their accent design is on the front of each. Each drawer has a locking mechanism so the drawer will not fall out when using or moving. 4 included caster wheels can be added to move the dresser easily. Depending on the unit’s contents, it can be stacked.


Stop the mess – even if it is hidden inside your drawers! By using these handy drawer organizers, you can arrange a bunch of your items in a variety of configurations. They are the perfect answer to keeping separated makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, and nail polishes to office supplies, arts and craft items, and more. Use in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or storage room and stay organized. These plastic drawer organizers come in many sizes and sets to pick and choose what works best for you. From long or tall to square and short, they can be stacked together for easy and convenient storage when not in use.


Get down to the nitty-gritty when using these small flex mini trays that help organize your household drawers and desks. Designed for smaller items such as lipsticks, polishes, hair bands, rings, et cetera, they keep everything separated yet able to see and grab instantaneously. Available in many sizes and options, these mini bins are the answer “behind the scenes” in organizing drawers. The flexible plastic allows a snug fit for small items while protecting them from possible damage caused by other items touching them. Each come with 2 pull-tabs for moving.


When you want to display items that need to be used daily, Starplast is the best choice if you want them to look classy. Besides in the bedroom, they can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, home office, or garage as well. Our deco baskets are not only perfect for those items you use every day, but they can be out in the open, on a shelf to look pretty, or tucked in a drawer or cabinet. With so many sizes and options, you can mix and match to fit on top of a bedroom dresser, bathroom counter, or desk due to their decorative weaved look. Easy to access from the top, they come with 2 handles and can be stacked to save space when not in use.