Materials Technologist

Subordination: Development, Technology & Design VP

Department: Development, Technology & Design

General: Construction, development and institutionalization of structured infrastructures of raw materials, partnership in leading technological improvement processes in production

Areas of Responsibility

  • Materials Characterization and formulas definition according to needs and products structure
  • Managing and documenting materials knowledge and products features
  • Improving existing products quality by renewing formulas in terms of quality and cost
  • Partner in new product launch processes
  • Examining new raw materials and substitutes / recycled materials, while maintaining the properties of the materials
  • Managing materials knowledge (building a materials' library defined

in accordance with the production needs)

  • Supervising the materials receiving from suppliers (not only plastic)
  • Building business relationships with company's raw material suppliers
  • Responding to Complaints
  • Managing the company's standards in the field of toys & food
  • Partner in the product engineering process together with the Development department (identification, development, assimilation and implementation of new technologies)
  • A partner in optimizing production processes (cycle times, product quality, etc.)
  • Building product portfolios
  • Failure analysis


  • A Materials / Chemical Engineer
  • Specializing in plastics / polymers
  • A graduate of Shenkar College or a Chemical / Materials Engineer from another educational institution with 2-3 years of experience in the field of plastics and polymers
  • Option for a practical engineer with relevant experience
  • English - high level


Ability to lead and drive processes, self-learning, independence, innovation & creativity, teamwork, time management, attention to details, ability to work under pressure, excellent interpersonal communication, high motivation.


Operation (Planning / Injection / Quality)
Purchasing (materials purchase support)
Supporting US plant and sub contractores
Development, Technology & Design

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