A garage can be a blessing or a curse. While some keep them clean and organized, able to hold a parked vehicle or two, others have them so stuffed full that they are mainly used for storage and collection. With Starplast, our products make it easier for you to sort, save, and organize so you can use space for its optimal use. After you sort your garage items into those you want to donate, toss, sell, or keep, now comes the easy part of organizing and storing what you need or want.


Starplast plastic storage box organizers with secure lids will be your go-to space savers in the garage. These totes can be used on a shelf, in a cabinet, or stacked in the garage, shed, or storage room with ease. Depending on their size, they can hold small to large items such as paint supplies, batteries, gardening equipment, and tools. Add labels on the outside of each to quickly access the correct bin. These rigid plastic bins come in a plethora of sizes with matching snap-on lids and locking handles. They have transparent sides for viewing with solid tops that have grooves for stacking securely. They can be filled to the brim and placed on metal, wire, wood, or plastic shelving without breaking. The plastic totes and lids are also nestable when not in use to save storage space.


When we thought these were just for laundry, we were wrong. Starplast’s baskets are the perfect answer for those awkwardly shaped gardening tools such as saws, hoes, brooms, shovels, et cetera. Plus, they work for sports equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and footballs. Imagine how many kids' toys they can hold! Their handles make it easy to take it any place you need - indoors or outdoors. Made of pliable plastic in many colors and sizes, these oversized bins have decorative airy sides, wide openings, and 2 durable cut-out handles. They can be stacked easily when not in use.


Tired of seeing the clutter in that corner of the garage where your automotive accessories, electrical tools, odd items, or painting supplies lurk? Starplast to the rescue with its various large bins and nest totes. They are great for keeping often used items accessible or seasonal items out of the way and organized. They are perfect for small tools, crafting supplies, bike accessories, camping or sports gear, and everything under the sun while keeping them separated yet available. With durability and strength in mind, these totes come in several sizes and colors. Choose from those with top or side openings, with or without handles for your storage needs. Use them separately or stack these baskets to create easily accessible storage.


For the super organizer, these Starplast modular systems will keep everything in order and arranged neatly in their multiple-sized bins. From small to large storage boxes with portable caddies and bins, they separate small tools, cleaning supplies, and craft items effortlessly in the garage, craft/room, office, classroom, and more. These multi-bins come in several sizes and colors allowing you to mix and match to fit your organizational needs. With handle and lid options, there is no excuse not to keep clutter away and stay organized.


No room inside, then go outside! Starplast designs products that help you expand space using protective outdoor storage. Whether you have too little space in the garage or want to have nearby storage by a patio, pool area, or garden, these decorative storage bins are the perfect answer to solving storage problems. Large enough to fit patio furniture pillows and small rugs, pool chemicals and toys, or grass seed or weed killer for the garden, they can also be used as an extra chair or seat. Made of strong, waterproof durable plastic with an attractive wicker pattern design, these decorative storage boxes are available in varied sizes, colors, and options. For year-round use in any climate, they protect their contents from water, dust, and pests. Each requires minimal assembly without using extra tools.

Organize your garage with Starplast and be the envy of the neighborhood.