With Starplast, you can be the most organized chef in the kitchen. Whether you are cooking or storing food, you can keep it well organized and easy to grab whenever you need it. From cupboards, drawers, and shelves to the refrigerator and freezer, Starplast has you covered completely. Have everything but the kitchen sink at your fingertips when preparing your food with any or all of our products designed for kitchen organization!


Whether you keep food in the cupboards, refrigerator, or freezer, Starplast food storage containers are perfect for storing cold, hot, or room-temperature foods. They work great for leftovers, soups, sauces, cereals, cookies, dry goods, and other favorite foods. Made of durable, food-grade plastic, they come in a large array of sizes with snap-on lids. Being air-tight, they can be stored easily, transported, and safely secured, plus they are dishwasher safe. Having stackable containers and lids, they use limited space in a cupboard, shelf, or pantry.


Tired of looking below your kitchen sink to hunt for a scrub brush, sponge, soap, or cleaner? With Starplast, our various bin options will cover your cleaning needs. They organize spray bottles, canned cleaners, plastic jars, and more, keeping them standing straight yet able to pull out and access easily. From small to large transparent bins with lids and locking handles to open-weave crates in several sizes and options, you can fill them with a plethora of items and turn that messy cabinet into a go-to janitorial space. Those with lids can be stacked on top of each other with their transparent sides showing or stacked to save space when not in use. The crates come with or without handles and have 2 sides for viewing.


Starplast containers organize any kitchen pantry with their open bins that can be accessed easily. They are ideal for small to large items that can be placed on a pantry shelf, closet, or cupboard. Organize dry goods by size or item and maximize space in a kitchen, office, bedroom, or storage room. Store less used products in larger bins closer to the floor and utilize the smaller bins at eye level for items used more often. Available in several dimensions, these handy bins are flexible so can be arranged in tight spaces. With their angled cut-out tops, their contents are easy to grab and go without making a mess. They can be placed on both solid and wire shelving without sagging or breaking.

Keep your kitchen organized with Starplast – you will be glad you did!