Innovative Thinking: Building an Applied Infrastructure for Growth

Innovative Thinking: Building an Applied Infrastructure for Growth

Innovative Thinking: Building an Applied Infrastructure for Growth

Innovation is a vital component for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve.

It's a way of taking existing resources and creating something new, something that can drive growth and lead to a significant presence in the market. The issue of innovation, however, can be a tricky one. How do you take a group of talented people and turn their ideas into a cohesive plan that can be implemented company-wide? This is where an applied infrastructure for innovation comes in.

At our organization, we realized the importance of innovation and its impact on our company's performance and corporate culture. We defined few major goals: professional development of employees, improving the actual work and creating internal organizational collaborations, and increasing employee involvement in ongoing work and their responsibility for the success of the company.

To position ourselves as a leader company, we decided to give our development group the best skills in the field of applied innovation. We partnered with 'SIT' (Systematic Inventive Thinking) company responsible for the development and implementation of inventive thinking. This approach helps to develop and improve our organization's innovation capabilities, among other things, also through thinking within the box using existing resources.

 Through the use of applied thinking tools according to ‘SIT’ methodology, we were able to renew what we do, increase creativity through existing constraints, and disassemble thinking to give additional interpretations of various processes, events, and products. The ease of application and clarity of the tools led to a high level of products, which forced a considerable number of projects, some of which are already implemented and some will be implemented in the near future.

The success of the process lies in our high-quality and committed human capital. Our people have a desire to succeed and lead society to achievement. The teamwork created while working on various projects and the extensive spirit given by the company's management has been instrumental in our success.

We understood that the use of applied thinking tools is a wider organizational value and needed to permeate all essential layers of the company. To achieve this, we diversified and expanded the participants' range, choosing key roles with influence and leadership to produce change. This resulted in innovative ideas related to products and penetration into new fields of activity, as well as the construction and improvement of cross-organizational work processes that interfere with additional core processes.

Understanding the value of innovation as a growth engine, we have built an applied infrastructure with the help of a talented and creative team of people. This infrastructure establishes innovation as an integral part of our company's processes. We believe that this approach will drive growth, help us stay ahead of the curve, and ensure a significant presence in our markets.