Hippo Rocker

Starplay's Children's Hippo Rocker is perfect as an Indoor and outdoor toy. Rockers are great for improving overall gross motor skills in children, such as balance, and coordination. Hippo Rocker can hold 1 child up to 30 kg | 66 pounds in the middle seat, 2 on each side, or 3 up to 90 kg | 198 pounds. Starplay's Children's Hippo Rocker will keep kids safely entertained while helping them burn off energy, and sleep better at night. Do not use without adult supervision.

  • DIMENSIONS: 103.5 x 45.5 x H36 cm | 40.8 x 18 x H14.1 in
  • SKU: 60-506
  • FANTASTIC FUN: The Starplay Hippo Rocker will keep your young children rocking and rolling fun indoors or outdoors; in the shape of a two-headed hippopotamus. The Rocker can be used by 1, 2, or 3 kids at the same time.
  • VERSATILE, EASY TO USE: This sturdy kiddy Teeter-Totter looks trendy and cute with its fun design that can hold 1 child up to 30 kg | 66 pounds in the middle seat, 2 on each side, or 3 up to 90 kg | 198 pounds; perfect to keep toddlers occupied, it weighs only 2.3 kg | 5 pounds so is easy to move around; available in Blue, Green, or Pink; do not use without adult supervision.
  • TOP QUALITY AND DURABLE: Made of superior high-performance polypropylene plastic. It is the ideal size for those 9 months or older. To assemble, add 4 ear handles; no tools are required; clean with a damp cloth and air dry; it can be stacked and stored.


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