Set Of 4 Flex Mini Trays

The Set of 4 Flex Mini Trays is designed to fit into the drawer and help keep your home more organized. The set includes 4 organizers in 3 sizes: 1 Large Tray, 1 Medium Tray, and 2 Small Trays. With a solid wall design that keeps items securely contained, this set of four dishwasher-safe organizers is made of a flexible material and is perfectly sized for use individually or as a group that fits inside most standard-sized drawers. These trays feature a lift tab for easy removal and are perfect for storing office supplies, kitchen items and small gadgets, tools and parts for repairs, scissors, spare change, and a variety of other items almost anywhere. The Set of 4 Flexible Storage Organizers is built for a long life of use in your home.

  • DIMENSIONS: 27 x 18 x H8 cm | 10.6 x 7 x H3.1 in
  • SKU: 37-715
  • VERSATILE: The set of Flex Mini Trays can be widely used at home, office, car, kitchen, or pantry storage. Perfect for storing office supplies like staples, paper clips, pens, and more. Makes a great kitchen accessory for toothpicks, cutlery, spare change, and small gadgets. Our Mini Trays will help you to streamline your daily life.
  • STYLISH: Design with a small tab for better grip, fits any decor. 
    • EASY TO CLEAN: All our storage bins come with a snug-fit design & are easy to dry and clean. 

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