Large Stacking Drawer

Need a quick way to organize things? The Large Stacking Drawer will keep you and your loved ones organized in your customized way; able to store clothes, shoes, accessories, craft supplies, health and beauty items, toys, and more. See-through clear plastic pull-out drawer keeps contents visible making everything easy to find. Stack multiple boxes on top of one another and save valuable storage space. An organized living space contributes to a sense of order and peace. Creating a clutter-free home or office is easy and rewarding.

  • DIMENSIONS  50 x 40 x 29.5 cm | 19.7 x 15.7 x 11.6 in 
  • SKU: 73-944
  • VERSATILE, EASY TO USE: This rectangular storage unit has a deep drawer to store a variety of contents and access them quickly while keeping everything organized; able to customize multiple units together, they can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, craft room, laundry room, or elsewhere.
  • TOP QUALITY AND DURABLE: Made of superior high-performance plastic resin with a see-through drawer; its design allows an open area for seeing and grabbing its stored contents; no assembly or tools are required; it can be stacked with similar products; mix n'match drawers with different depth, for storing a variety of things.
        • SMOOTH: The drawer slides out smoothly.
        • EASY VIEW: Clear front allows contents to be identified instantly.

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